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Session Femtosecond Phenomena

Monday, June 30th, 14:35 - 18:00


14:35Alfred Vogel, Sebastian Freidank and Norbert Linz
Laser Focus Shaping for Ultraprecise Eye and Cell Surgery
Keynote Lecture
15:00Frieder Loesel
Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery
Invited Lecture
15:20Egle Gabryte, Egle Danieliene, Agne Vaiceliunaite, Osvaldas Ruksenas, Mikas Vengris and Romualdas Danielius
High-speed transepithelial corneal ablation using solid-state femtosecond laser system
Oral Lecture
15:35Coffee break, poster and industry exhibition 
16:00Chris B. Schaffer
Targeted femtosecond laser ablation: A novel tool for biomedical research and clinical application
Invited Lecture
16:20Peter König
2-photon imaging of the immune and healing response of intestinal and bronchial mucosa to laser-induced microlesions
Invited Lecture
16:40Adela Ben Yakar
Femtosecond laser microsurgery endoscope
Invited Lecture
17:00Michel Meunier
Plasmonics enhanced ultrafast laser nanosurgery: Fundamentals and applications
Invited Lecture
17:20A. Heisterkamp, J. Krawinkel, U. Richter, M.L. Torres-Mapa, L. Gamrad, C. Rehbock, H. Murua Escobar, A. Ngezahayo and S. Barcikowski
Plasmonics and ultrashort pulses for selective cell manipulation
Invited Lecture
17:40Nathan Jowett and RJ Dwayne Miller
Novel picosecond infrared laser at 3 µm: Laser-tissue interaction and clinical applications
Invited Lecture