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Low Level Laser Applications

Tuesday, June 1st 2014, 13:00 - 15:55


13:00Michael R Hamblin
Mechanisms of LLLT and how transcranial laser can help the brain to repair itself
Keynote Lecture
13:30Andrei P. Sommer, Mike Kh. Haddad and Hans-Jörg Fecht
Tuning the Wheel of Life with Light
Invited Lecture
13:50Hans A. Romberg
Consequences of Nonlinearities in Photobiomodulation: Dosage Estimation
Invited Lecture
14:10Heselich, Anja, König, Anke, Woo, Van H, Harlin-Jones, Cheryl, Abraham and Edward H
Beneficial Effects of Infrared-based Hyperthermia/LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) on Radiation Therapy
Invited Lecture
14:30Mohamed H. El-Batanouny
Role of Low Level Laser in Tissue regeneration
Oral Lecture
14:45Andrei P. Sommer
On the Mechanism of Photobiostimulation
Oral Lecture
15:00Coffee break, poster and industry exhibition 
15:30Mohamed H. El-Batanouny
Laser Cell Biomodulation
Oral Lecture
15:45Timon Cheng-Yi Liu, Long Liu, Jing-Gang Chen, Peng Zeng and Xiang-Bo Yang
Action-Dependent Photobiomodulation on Health, Suboptimal Health and Disease
Poster Presentation
15:50Soogeun Kim, Sungho Shin and Sungho Jeong
Effects of tissue temperature and water content on the propagation of laser light during low level laser therapy
Poster Presentation