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Session Nano-Biophotonics

Tuesday, July 2nd 2014, 13:15 - 17:05


13:15Qing-Hua Xu
Nanoparticles as Imaging and Therapeutic Agents for Two-photon Phototherapy
Invited Lecture
13:35Eugene Chubchev, Yulia V. Vladimirova and Victor N. Zadkov
Quantum optics of atoms and molecules near plasmonic nanostructures
Invited Lecture
13:55Elena Tolstik, Liubov Osminkina, Christian Matthäus, Rainer Heintzmann, Victor Timoshenko and Vladimir Sivakov
Silicon Nanowires for Breast Cancer Theranostics
Invited Lecture
14:15Dag Heinemann, Stefan Kalies, Markus Schomaker, Tammo Ripken and Heiko Meyer
Plasmon mediated cell manipulation
Oral Lecture
14:30Anastasia Ryabova, Rudolf Steiner and Victor Loschenov
Metamorphosis of crystalline nanoparticles consist of photosensitizers molecules in biotissues
Oral Lecture
14:45E.G. Maksimov, F.-J. Schmitt, M.G. Strakhovskaya, D.A. Gvozdev, T. Friedrich and V.Z. Paschenko
Aluminium and Zinc phthalocyanines and quantum dots conjugates: physical properties and photodynamic activity
Oral Lecture
15:00Coffee break, poster and industry exhibition 
15:30Ricardas Rotomskis
Functionalized nanoparticles for imaging, diagnosis and therapy of disease.
Keynote Lecture
15:55Artur Bednarkiewicz, A.Pilch, D.Wawrzyńczyk, K.Prorok, M.Misiak, M.Samoć, W.Stręk and B.Czaban
The photophysical properties and bio-medical applications of up-converting nanoparticles
Invited Lecture
16:15Vitalijus Karabanovas
Hydrophilic upconversion nanoparticles for cancer theranostics
Invited Lecture
16:35Polina A. Ryabochkina, Svetlana A. Antoshkina, Alexander S. Vanetsev, Sergey N. Ushakov, Gleb B. Sukhorukov and Natalie Yu. Tabachkova
Nanosized crystalline particles doped by Er3+ ions for biomedical applications
Oral Lecture
16:50Simona Steponkiene, Jurga Valanciunaite, Artiom Skripka and Ricardas Rotomskis
Accumulation and PDT properties of quantum dot-chlorin e6 complex: in vitro study
Oral Lecture
17:05Vilius Poderys, Dainius Rupsys and Ricardas Rotomskis
Protein stabilised Au nanoclusters: spectral properties and photostability in biological environment
Poster Presentation
17:10Elizabeth Huynh and Gang Zheng
Imaging the Microbubble to Nanoparticle Conversion using Ultrasound, Photoacoustics and Fluorescence
Poster Presentation
17:15Akvilė Šlėktaitė, Laura Kačenauskaitė and Ričardas Rotomskis
Morpholine Stabilized Photoluminescent Gold Nanoclusters for Biomedical Imaging
Poster Presentation
17:20Marija Matulionyte, Raminta Marcinonyte and Ricardas Rotomskis
Photoinduced spectral changes of photoluminescent gold nanoclusters in aqueous media and in vitro
Poster Presentation
17:25Deividas Sabonis, Ignas Astrauskas and Gediminas Dauderis and Ricardas Rotomskis
Two-Photon Absorption Cross Section measurements of toluene soluble CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots
Poster Presentation
17:00D.V. Pominova, A.V. Ryabova, S.V Kuznetsov and D.S.Yasyrkina
The Investigation of Upconversion Nanoparticles Luminescence Kinetics Depending on Composition and Biological Microenvironment
Poster Presentation