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Session THz Spectroscopy

Tuesday, July 2nd 2014, 15:30 - 17:55


15:30Martina Havenith
Some like it cool –THz absorption studies of as a tool to study biomolecular hydration
Invited Lecture
15:50Frank Ellrich, Daniel Molter, Joachim Jonuscheit, Rene Beigang and Georg von Freymann
THz Spectroscopy: A Powerful Tool for Substance Identification
Invited Lecture
16:10Edward P. J. Parrott
Probing the solid state with terahertz spectroscopy
Invited Lecture
16:30Noriko Yaekashiwa, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Shin'ichiro Hayashi and Kodo Kawase
A research on the non-thermal effect of widely tunable terahertz-wave irradiation on cells
Invited Lecture
16:50Alexander Shkurinov
Terahertz biomedical applications
Invited Lecture
17:10Vincent Wallace
Clinical Applications of Terahertz Technology
Invited Lecture
17:30Smolyanskaya O.A., Duka M.V., Ezerskaya A.A., Sulatsky M.I., Serebryakova M.K., Trulev A.S., Prozheev I.V., Strepitov E.A., Khodzitsky M.K., Balbekin N.S. and Kozlov S.A.
Contactless diagnostics of regenerative processes of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Oral Lecture
17:40Vladimir Vaks and
High Resolution Spectroscopy Based on THz Lasers for Medical and Biological Applications
Oral Lecture
17:50Yuri Kistenev, Alexander Karapuzikov, Alexey Karapuzikov, Marina Starikova, Igor Sherstov, Andrey Boyko, Nadezhda Dukhovnikova, Konstantin Zenov, Dmitri Kolker and Ann
Noninvasive express diagnostics of pulmonary diseases based on control of patient’s gas emission using methods of IR and terahertz laser spectroscopy
Poster Presentation