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Conference Topics

Plenary Speakers
P. French (U.K.)
V. Ntziachristos (Germany)
B. Tromberg (USA)
Biomedical Imaging (Chairs)
OCT (P. Andersen, Denmark)
Optoacoustics (M. Frenz, Switzerland)
Elastic Light Scattering / Manipulation of Particles (A.V. Priezzhev, Russia and A. Chiou, Taiwan)
Diffuse Optical Imaging (P. Taroni, Italy)
Micro-Circulation Imaging (M. Leahy, Ireland)
Laser Spectroscopy (Chairs)
Infrared and Raman (J. Popp, Germany)
Clinical applications (J. Lademann and M. Meinke, Germany)
Fluorescence (S. Andersson-Engels, Sweden)
THz Spectroscopy and Imaging (A. Shkurinov and V. Vaks, Russia)
Laser-Tissue Interactions (Chairs)
Femtosecond phenomena (A. Vogel, Germany)
Light propagation (V. Tuchin, Russia)
PDT (H. Stepp, Germany)
Low level laser applications (M.R. Hamblin, Boston)
Light Microscopy (C. Cremer, H. Schneckenburger, Germany)
Nano-Biophotonics (R. Rotomskis, Lithuania)
Novel Optical Devices and Methods (V.B. Loshchenov, Russia; R. Hibst, Germany)
Chinese -German Workshop (D. Zhu, China)



German-Russian Satellite Symposium on Clinical Laser Applications
(N.M. Shakhova, Russia; P. Berlien, Germany; R. Steiner, Germany)